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This site is for the people, the employees and candidates, who believe that your access and free movement in society should not be determined by your vaccination status.

We understand, to a scientific certainty, that there is a risk of side-effects and/or injuries in all vaccinations.

We believe and live by the statement “where there is a risk of any injury from a medical act there must be a choice to participate in that medical act or a right of refusal thereto”.

We disapprove of vaccine passports.

We disapprove of mandatory vaccinations.

We understand that all persons, vaccinated or not, immune or not, symptomatic or not, can be carriers for any and all respiratory viruses.

We oppose contact tracing for those who may be COVID-19 PCR test positive.

We support and encourage prompt treatment of any and all respiratory viruses upon first symptom.

We support known and commonly used protocols that are effective for respiratory virus prevention and treatment.

We understand that respiratory virus symptoms can be more acute and longer lasting to those who are undernourished.

We encourage K to 12 schools to have programs in personal health and nutrition.

We encourage all to participate in nutritional education and counseling.

We encourage government agencies to provide taxpayer supported nutritional supplement distribution to those who cannot afford to purchase appropriate supplements for themselves.

We ask you to refer other candidates to our site.
We ask you to refer other employers to our site.
We ask you to participate in Vaccine Choice activities every day.
We ask that you Mentioned this site in your discussions with the media.
We ask you to help “Vaccine Choice Candidates” get onto election ballots —- and that you help them get elected —- regardless of your (or their) political party affiliations.

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